Why I like being alone: maybe too much ðŸ–¤

I’ve always been introverted for a very long time, ever since I was kid. When there would be social gatherings, or whenever I was around alot of people I would feel the need to separate myself from everyone for a while because I would feel too overwhelmed.

And I got older, it pretty much got worse. I always wanna be alone because I hate too much noise,or rowdiness, it gives me anxiety to be honest.

I’ve always get annoyed to people who are super loud & talkative because I’m the complete opposite. Just the way I’m sure my quietness will get on their nerves sometimes.

Instead of accepting it , people tend to think it means I’m either rude or stuck up. But that’s not necessarily true at all.

Me being “too quiet” or wanting to solitude. Becomes questionable by people, because they always wonder why I’m so quiet and I always wonder why other people are so loud.



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